About Me

Describe your current and future athletic goals.
I am rather focused on trying to be the best athlete I can be while having a lot of fun with all my friends I meet along the way.  I love being active and being a part of the action!

2012 Races planned?
Run for Regis 50K, Fools Run 25K, Triple T triathlon, Mohican 100K Mtb, Crossfit Tri, Trails and Treads, Greater Cleveland Tri, REV3 Cedar Point 140.6, Columbus Marathon and a whole lot of other local events!

My skinny:

  • I live waaay out in the boonies of Parkman, right on the border of Geauga, Portage and Trumbull counties, right smack in the middle of not-whole heck-of-a-lot with my supportive husband, Joey, Matches the dog and Zippo the cat.
  •  My dad really wanted boys but got stuck with my sister and I.  Even though we weren’t the boys he was looking for, he still made sure we got into sports.  We both spent years growing up playing volleyball, basketball and softball.
  • I ran track in middle school but running was not my thing per se.  In college, I ran some just to keep the weight off and decided to run Columbus Marathon back in 1998 on a whim with no concept of nutrition, proper hydration and wearing full cotton.  I pulled that off only to think, “Never again, that was waaay to much work.”  Little did I know what the future had in store….
  • I attended Miami University where I got a BS in Business.  Down in Oxford,OH, over those years, I roomed with long time friend, Sara.  Years after college and settling into a rather lazy lifestyle, I ran into Sara at a charity race my boss had asked me to put a team together for in support of one of our clients.  Sara kicked my butt and re-lit the competitive fire inside.  Time to get back to some running!
  •  I started running a bunch of running races.  Then Sara conned me into buying a bike and joining the Cleveland Triathlon Club in 2006.  The idea of me in triathlon was rather laughable, as I could not even swim with my head in the water.  But dang it, I had dropped a lot of money on a bike and one thing was for sure in that I was not going to let that money go down the drain!
  •  Funny thing I have found is, that I say I am not going to do a lot of things and then somehow I end up training with my friends that are doing them and the next thing you know I am signing up.  I have completed my fair share amount of lots of running races including marathons and 50ks, Endurance Mountain Bike Races, Xterra Tri’s, Du’s and plenty of triathlons including REV3 Cedar Point!
  • I love training with others, pushing myself and having some fun when I am done!

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