My results

2012 Season

6/2/12: Mohican 100K Mountain Bike race – 3rd overall female

5/18-20: American Triple T  – 3rd place solo senior female (Total time 11:44:59)

4/29/12:  Maple Sap 5 mile run – 1st place overall female

4/22/12:  On my own Two Feet 13.1 – 1st place overall female

4/1/12:  Fools run 25K– 1st place overall female

3/10/12:  St. Malachi 5M –  3rd place age group  (31:19, 6:16 pace)

1/27/12:  Run for Regis 50K – Tied for first place overall female

Other Highlights

9/11/11:  REV 3 Cedar Point 140.6 – 11:17:28 (3rd place overall AG female)


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